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Peace, self-empowerment, spirituality

We are living in exciting times. 

World peace is something we have all wanted but was seemingly unachievable. Now, however, through a global humanity awakening, our aspiration for a harmonious society is within our reach. 

Through the irony of paradox, this book theorises that by understanding what we do not want we can establish what we do want.  If peace is what we want, surely this can be created by practising the polar opposite of war?

Using psychospiritual philosophy and quantum psychology, Susan Broomhall is part of the global community currently co-creating heaven on earth.  It is Susan’s belief that global peace and harmony and the co-creation of the new humanity is assured – if everyone trusts in themselves as creators of peace.

While each individual is contributing to the rich and diverse tapestry of humanity, not everyone understands what this means.  This book reveals ‘how to’ create a harmonic new humanity through the art of peace. 

World peace starts with you.

The Art of Peace: Creating the Harmonic Humanity


is now available

Leadership is certainly topical. One form of leadership is 'toxic'.  So how does toxic leadership operate?


This book discusses over 76 tactics toxic leaders use to maintain their stronghold, why they use those tactics and how those tactics keep them in the 'top-dog' position.

Bullying and Harassment: Understanding the psychological and behavioural tactics of the toxic leadership stronghold 


is now available

Toxic leadership, bullying and harassment

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