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"human behaviour research and insights to illuminate understanding"

about us

bright research and insights use social science and psychology to understand human behaviour 
the combination of social science and psychology creates behavioural science
leading with heart, our work is based on compassion and integrity
we believe everyone has something to contribute and every voice should be heard
we take a holistic view of all the small details to understand the big picture

our services

Bright Research and Insights provides an end-to-end holistic suite of capabilities to ensure understanding.

We use a behavioural science research methodology to ensure evidence-based informed decision making.

Our goal is to assist you with making informed decisions.

Social science relates to understanding the behaviours of a society and the relationship between the individuals within that society. Psychology is the science of the mind and looks to understand how individuals behave, feel, think, learn, process information and, ultimately, make decisions. 

Understanding human behaviour enables understanding of what will work, how it will work, why it will work and how to make it work.

Bright Research and Insights services take a behavioural science approach to everything we do. 

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human behaviour research

Who is your audience? How do they think and behave? Why do they make the decisions that they make?


Human behaviour research establishes a scientific evidence-based process for the collection of data and information to answer the questions being asked.

We provide qualified specialist scientific-based human behaviour research.

insights and analysis

What is your information telling you? How do you make sense of the data? What is meaningful and why?

Data and information can be used and interpreted in many ways.


We use critical thinking and behavioural science to analyse and examine complex and complicated issues to develop a deep understanding of the variables at play.  

design and development


How do you apply results to application? What will work best? What options and alternatives exist? How can you create resonance with your audience?

Using design thinking and creative conceptualisation, we take a new approach to solution design and problem solving, looking at disruptive innovation to break the pattern of old problems and develop new ways of working. 

We are experienced in highly acclaimed and awarded design and development relating to policy, initiatives, business cases, strategy, campaign, business modelling, and messaging. 

data and reporting


What data are needed to evidence the issue? Does the data exist or need to be created? How should the data be reported to evidence the point and make sense? 


Data, metrics, measures, numbers and indicators provide a way to measure and provide evidence to decision making. Data and information needs to be created, developed, built, analysed, and synthesised before being translated into meaningful reports. 

We design and develop data and analytics to enable understanding information in a way that makes sense to everyone. 

evaluation and assessment

How do you know if it all worked as expected? What did and didn't work and why? How could it be improved?

Analysis and review enables understanding whether something has worked as intended.

We take a systematic and methodical approach to evaluate efficiencies and effectiveness and offer recommendations for improved impact and streamlining. 


What is the best approach for my issue? How can I leverage the benefits of behavioural science? How do I apply critical thinking to improve my business? How can I develop better practices?

Behavioural science, its use, and understanding, is a specialist area. 

We are highly skilled, analytical and critical thinkers seeking to empower you with the same skillset. 

about us
our services


Bright Research and Insights

is based in Sydney Australia but time and space are no barriers to our service.
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