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Understanding Toxic Leadership

Toxic leaders have dark personality traits that drive them to be the 'top-dog'. They use bullying and harassment as a strategy to manipulate people and circumstances to keep their top-dog position. Creating chaotic and dysfunctional environments enables them to control you.

In societies based on a hierarchal system, there is always a leader at the top, calling the shots, whether you like it or not. So how does the top-dog keep their position and everyone else in line?

Toxic leaders are well versed in the art of war. Warfare is a calculated and strategised plan with many moving parts that enables leaders to puppet subordinates. They use a multitude of tactics unbeknownst to subordinates including trickery, lies, and propaganda. One of the most effective tactics is establishing the belief that 'leaders' are necessary in society.

With the populace believing in 'leadership', focus is placed on who the best leader is and what the best leadership strategy is rather the leader needed? What benefit is the leadership? What evidence is there that this leader has been of benefit at all?

The first thing that needs to be understood with the problem of toxic leadership is that they are a part of a hierarchal system. It is the system that is the stronghold - the leader is the one that fought the hardest to get to the top. So what were the motivations for the leader to get there and, does that really help you out?

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